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What Am I Going to Be When I Grow Up?

Justine Pratt

Now that I’m in my late 40’s, I should probably already be doing what I’m passionate about. However, easier said than done! Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a commercial/graphic artist. I’ve done fine art, but I’m also practical—fine art is like singing or drama—you’re not always guaranteed a job. But graphic design is a practical application, and I LOVE to come up with the idea and then really make it work. Perhaps that’s the analytical/puzzle-solving side of me? When I’ve done fine art, finding a topic to paint or draw was always harder. I […]

Swift Optionals Questions (?) and Bangs (!)

Tod Cunningham

I haven’t posted in awhile, but with the Swift 2.0 release, I figured it was time to dip my toe back into the swift waters.  I wanted to share my notes and commentary on optionals.Optional TypesOptional types provide a way to indicate that a value may be nil as opposed to having a value of some given type.  An optional is represented in swift via a simple template enum:enum Optional<T> : NilLiteralConvertible {          case None          case Some(T)        …}    So you can declare and use an optional variable like any other enum:var temperature : Optional<Float> = […]

Indie devs who put ads in their games are fools!

Steffen Itterheim

Imagine you downloaded a racing game and launch it. This is the first thing you see: You think: “Cool, that’s a really nice car! Graphics look even better than on the App Store screenshots. Okay, of course I want to ‘Race Now!’” Worst case scenario: you are gone, happily playing that new (and arguably better) racing game. The Indie […]

5 Days of Clean Eating – enhancing the lifestyle of an indie developer and our busy family

Justine Pratt

Normally I blog exclusively about our business, offer my experiences on what worked for us, what didn’t work, or how I’ve applied my MBA studies on the marketing or promotion of mobile apps. Today’s post is a bit of a departure on that. However, there is some relevance to our apps, since our biggest seller is our cooking app, and I’ve spent the past week delving into cooking and diet and how to improve our eating habits and consequently, our health. This post will go through my hilarious (my opinion) escapades in trying to find time to cook and run […]

Let there be light: Demo of CCLightNode in Cocos2D-Swift v3.4

Steffen Itterheim

I thought I’ll give you a demo of the upcoming CCLightNode visual effect that will be available in Cocos2D-Swift v3.4, which comes bundled with the upcoming SpriteBuilder v1.4 (available on the Mac App Store soon, v1.4 beta is available for download). Introducing CCEffect You may have already heard about the other shader effects first introduced […]

Learn SpriteBuilder: Publish Date Nov 24th

Steffen Itterheim

Quick notice: only 10 more days to go! Learn SpriteBuilder has a release date set to Nov 24th. I suppose the eBook version will by available by that date and you can also get many chapters in the alpha program right now. The print edition may need a few more days to distribute depending on […]

The Missing StackOverflow Help Topic: How do I ask a terrible question?

Steffen Itterheim

This guide goes through the telltale signs of terrible questions asked on stackoverflow. You’ll learn how not to ask questions. If instead you like to learn how to ask good questions you came to the wrong guide. You may also want to learn to tell people what the Matt you’ve tried so far. Okay, admittedly […]

Dynamic & Interactive Launch Screens

Mark Granoff

I recently set out to re-write one of my apps. The app currently supports iPhone and iPod touch screens up to and including the 4″ displays. There are a handful of “Default” launch screens to support essentially 2 screen sizes in 2 resolutions. When looking at also supporting iPhone 6, 6+, and iPad screens for … Continue reading →

Coming soon: Learn SpriteBuilder for iOS Game Development

Steffen Itterheim

Phew! I’m done writing the Tome of SpriteBuilder. There’s only edits and reviews left, page proofing and then it goes out to print. Meanwhile, I’m cleaning up and extending the Bouncy Beast project for its App Store release. Time to share some insights as I haven’t been able to slice some time off to write […]

Supporting National First Responders Day

Mark Granoff

Saturday, September 27th is National First Responders Appreciation day in the United States, a day set aside to recognize, remember, and thank all the brave men and women who daily put their lives on the line (or who have given their lives in so doing) to help someone else. Maybe you’ve witnessed or benefited from … Continue reading →