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The Guide to Building and Customizing SpriteBuilder v1.x

Steffen Itterheim

Following the recent release of SpriteBuilder and cocos2d-iphone v3 I’m sure some of you are itching to use SpriteBuilder by building the github version in Xcode rather than downloading it from the Mac App Store. Here’s how! This is a post for developers who want to compile the SpriteBuilder code from github. To customize it, […]

Endlessly Solvable Problems

Mark Granoff

There is no shortage of common engineering problems that have been solved over and over again, or just once. In either case, if a Good(tm) solution is found, it gets reused wherever it is needed. Others however, get solved over and over again. Not because they are hard or unsolvable, necessarily, but because they are … Continue reading →

Why “Free to Play” is bad for Indie Game Developers

Steffen Itterheim

The “Free to Play” business model is bad for us independent game developers. If we try to implement it, that is. Let me first explain what a typical (casual, mobile) free to play game works like. The type of game that works so well on mobile, revenue-wise, that it’s all the rave and even Indies […]

Look Back, Look Ahead: New Year Observations

Mark Granoff

Goodbye ’13, Hello ’14! This is the time of year where we all take stock of the year just ended, and think about what the coming year may hold. This is that post for me, a personal reckoning of sorts.Professionally, it was a good year. In December I celebrated one year at my day job, … Continue reading →

Merry Xmas / Happy Holidays 2013

Steffen Itterheim

Well, that’s that. Enjoy your holidays! I’ve also released OpenGW Preview 1 to KoboldTouch customers. Then visit the members area to download it. Visit the OpenGW website and wiki to learn more. In case you feel like checking it out just sign up to any of the KoboldTouch subscription plans. The KoboldTouch subscription price will […]

Performance Comparison: cocos2d-iphone v2 vs v3 vs Sparrow and ARC vs MRC

Steffen Itterheim

Daniel Sperl, developer of the Sparrow Framework, recently posted a performance comparison on the Apple Developer forum where Sparrow ran 2.5 times faster with MRC code than the version upgraded to ARC. A curious finding though it seemed very far off from real world observations. Being a synthetic benchmark no less. I decided to do […]

The Complete List of Game/Render Engines for Objective-C Developers

Steffen Itterheim

The idea for this post really started with this poll: I’ll present the results further down. Not wanting to spoil it before you made your choice. This poll was just a quick test for a free web poll service. Well that and being curious how the major 3 Objective-C render engines compared against each other. […]

Every iOS and Mac Developer Needs a Watchdog

Dave Wood

Today, Cerebral Gardens introduces Watchdog for Xcode. Watchdog is a helpful utility for iOS and Mac OS X developers that monitors Xcode cache files (DerivedData) and cleans out stale files before they interfere with your builds. If you’ve been building apps in Xcode for a while, you will see the value in Watchdog instantly as you are familiar with the weird errors that can happen with Xcode. If you’re new to using Xcode, you may not have run into these issues yet, but eventually you will and that’s when Watchdog will save immense time and frustration. A Watchdog user will no […]

The Mobile 2D Game Engine Popularity Index – November 2013

Steffen Itterheim

Topics: Overall interest in cocos2d is waning. Unity and libgdx fighting for 1st place. Sprite Kit skyrocketing from day one. This sums it up. Now for the details. Since my last game engine popularity measurement I tried to improve and streamline the process. Game Engine Popularity on For data I’m searching for tagged […]

App Rewards Club Version 2.0 & A year in review

Kyle Newsome

I originally wrote this on the App Rewards Club Blog Site. Please visit the site for more information on contacting Ken or I about how we can feature your apps. Version 2.0 – Refining our business model Today Ken and I are proud to announce the launch of App Rewards Club Version 2.0. We decided […]