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Free To Play… Before Buying

Doug Davies

Recently I became acquainted with  It allows you to run a simulator build of your app within an iframe on a webpage.  This way you can let users play with your app before purchasing it.  You can see the results of embedding Buttermilk below. Of course the frame rate is WAY LOW (but it is […]

Caching +imageForURL: Results

Mark Granoff

About a month ago I wrote about the recurring but ever-solvable problem of loading images in the background without losing performance while say, scrolling a table view. While I would be pleased to ship that code today, there is an improvement that betters performance as soon as an image is requested more than once: Caching. … Continue reading →

Postcard is coming to The App Store February 19th

Kyle Newsome

I’m thrilled to announce today that Postcard will be available on iOS worldwide on February 19th. It has come a long way since the idea first started forming just over a year ago but I’m incredibly happy with final result. A huge thanks to everyone who encouraged me and helped me test and improve Postcard to where it is today.

The Mobile 2D Game Engine Popularity Index – January 2014

Steffen Itterheim

This is an update to the Mobile Game Engine Popularity Index I published 2.5 months ago. Game Engine Popularity on Since November’s chart I made sure the tags I’m most interested in (cocos2d-iphone, cocos2d-x, sprite-kit) were properly applied to all questions. Furthermore I update at least the past 6 months for each tag, which […]