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Merry Xmas / Happy Holidays 2013

Steffen Itterheim

Well, that’s that. Enjoy your holidays! I’ve also released OpenGW Preview 1 to KoboldTouch customers. Then visit the members area to download it. Visit the OpenGW website and wiki to learn more. In case you feel like checking it out just sign up to any of the KoboldTouch subscription plans. The KoboldTouch subscription price will […]

Performance Comparison: cocos2d-iphone v2 vs v3 vs Sparrow and ARC vs MRC

Steffen Itterheim

Daniel Sperl, developer of the Sparrow Framework, recently posted a performance comparison on the Apple Developer forum where Sparrow ran 2.5 times faster with MRC code than the version upgraded to ARC. A curious finding though it seemed very far off from real world observations. Being a synthetic benchmark no less. I decided to do […]