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Measuring Game Engine Popularity

Steffen Itterheim

How do you measure the popularity of a game engine and compare it with others? Reminded of the TIOBE Programming Language Index and the Transparent Programming Language Popularity Index I couldn’t find a comparable site measuring game engine popularity. So I sat down and concluded that I can do a simple manual test rather quickly. […]

Kobold Kit Progress, KoboldTouch Update

Steffen Itterheim

This post will be unusually short because I’m going on vacation tomorrow (July 12th) and won’t be back before July 22nd. I’ll use this post for a quick progress report on Kobold Kit. Kobold Kit Progress Kobold Kit is going more and more in a rapid-development direction, with fewer interruptions. Here’s the corresponding video to […]

Are you using Parse yet?

Ben Williams

As an iOS developer who finds creating databases and web services incredibly boring, Parse has always sounded very …

Update Often

Doug Davies

This weekend I had to fix a null pointer exception in one of my games I hadn’t updated in 2 years.  I noticed under iOS 7 that there was an unrevealed (although some people had reported it) problem with my DDGameKitHelper code during score synching.  Someone had submitted a patch for it, but I just […]

iOS7 Is The Right Time To Raise Prices

Kyle Newsome

his coming fall when Apple releases iOS7 to the general public, it will be a good time for us all to raise our app prices. Well a great opportunity is upon us all and here’s why.


Tod Cunningham

We have had more then 700,000 downloads of our apps since 2010, and we don’t have any way to contact those people or know who they are outside of our apps.  For in-app engagement I highly recommend the Apps Fire Booster SDK which I did a blog post about awhile ago.  However, I think we need to be doing more to stay in touch with our users.  I talked with Jody Burgess who runs a strategic marketing company and she planted a bug in my ear about collecting e-mail addresses. Newsletter SignupI decided that collecting e-mail addresses would be a good idea, but I wanted to […]