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The Impact Of Sprite Kit On The Economy

Steffen Itterheim

Two weeks ago I blogged about Why Apple Created Sprite Kit and What It Means For Cocos2D. Two weeks since WWDC 2013 is also a good time to take a first look at the impact of Sprite Kit on the economy. Everything and everyone seems to be in turmoil right now as far as 2D […]

Why Apple Created Sprite Kit And What It Means For Cocos2D

Steffen Itterheim

In case you missed the news: Sprite Kit is Apple’s 2D rendering engine for games, announced with iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 by merely mentioning it among other new APIs. A small step for Apple, a giant leap for gamedeveloperkind. This changes everything! Many compare Sprite Kit with cocos2d-iphone. Don’t ask me why, they just […]

Mastering Copy and Paste in iOS – Part 2

Pat Zearfoss

In part 1 of this series I focused on a very simple locking down of copy and paste in iOS.  Replying NO to canPerformSelector: simply removes the ability to copy and paste from the menu that appears.  Needless to say that can be a little inelegant.  Preventing data leakage can be a good thing but […]

Generate Tilemap Physics Collision Shapes with Cocos2D

Steffen Itterheim

You have a tilemap and you want physics collisions on it? The solution seems obvious: create a rectangle shape for every blocking tile. But ouch! This solution is not just hugely wasteful and unnecessarily slows down the physics collision code, it also introduces the well known problem of characters getting stuck even on flat surfaces. […]