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WWDC and The Innovator’s Dilemma

Doug Sjoquist

WWDC and The Innovator’s Dilemma I was reading Mark Suster’s post Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You today and it struck me how closely my thoughts on WWDC line up with Clay Christenson’s ideas. Not surprisingly, there has been lots of twitter and blog activity this week about Apple’s dilemma in regards to WWDC. […]

The Next Thing

Mark Granoff

I debated about what to write about today, especially in the wake of yesterday’s WWDC ticket frenzy, the subsequent online screaming about it, and everything else. I think in the end, Apple will do what Apple does, and that’ll be that. Enough about that. On to the next thing… a new app to develop! Some … Continue reading →

On Ludum Dare, Kickstarter and everything in between

Gareth Jenkins

So I wrote up some of the design work / process / thinking that I did in the 8 months between Ludum Dare #23 and launching the Mineral Cities Kickstarter last month. The full post is here: 14 things I did to get from Ludum Dare prototype to fundable Kickstarter game It includes such highlights as building alphas for one, iterating on design, essential UI and listening to and ignoring feedback. I also posted it over at the Ludum Dare site — you can find it there/here. Thoroughly excited about #LD26 this weekend. As for Mineral Cities itself, well the […]

Designing Mechanics for Longevity

Alexander Okafor

As a game designer, one of things I try to avoid is creating disposable experiences. As any creative, if you’re making it for an audience, you don’t want it to be forgotten shortly after it’s introduction. Designing for longevity can be taken in two ways: You’re design is centered around story, atmosphere, characters, with less […]

How to display NSView on top of cocos2d-iphone’s OpenGL view on Mac OS X

Steffen Itterheim

Everyone knows how to add a UIView to an iOS app built with cocos2d-iphone. It’s straightforward, just create the view and then call: [crayon-516f391cced0d/] There. Now suppose you want to do the same on Mac OS X. HA! HA! Hawww! Cocoa’s laughing at your feeble attempts. It’s really just Cocoa’s fault though. Having done a […]

App Store Market Size, Top100 Big Country Numbers

Gabor Furedi

After a long break in blogging, it’s time to come back with a bang! We have just passed the 1 million mark in Soctics downloads recently and I wanted to share some interesting download data with everyone. We have run 2 … Continue reading →

Standalone Delegate Objects

Mark Granoff

It is very common practice that an object like a view controller is the delgate (and perhaps datasource) for another encapsulated or included object, such as a table view. This affords easy access from the delegate methods to the delegate object. But when might you want to use a delegate object that is not your … Continue reading →

iOS In-App Purchases

Tod Cunningham

This is hopefully a concise getting started with in-app purchases article. Five Lakes Studio has had a fair amount of success with leveraging in-app purchases, and I wanted to share some of the lessons we have learned along the way and also share some code to help make basic in-app purchases a little easier.  This article focuses on non-consumable purchases with built-in product (app) delivery.Setting Up Your AccountIn order to use in-app purchases you have to complete several steps.  A good guide to how to do this is  TN2259 Adding In-App Purchase to your iOS and Mac Applications.   I would recommend taking […]

Buttermilk Store and Android Launch

Doug Davies

It’s been a really busy week for Buttermilk.  I was home sick for a few days, so I spent the time getting the new iOS update ready and navigating the Google Play Developer Console to get the Android version submitted.  I’m happy to announce that the iOS update has been submitted for approval.  It contains […]

KoboldTouch Sales Numbers and Outlook

Steffen Itterheim

KoboldTouch has been on sale for exactly 5 months (released: Nov 1st, 2012). Time for a “numbers post”. Let’s start with new user signup rates and popular pricing plans before I get to reveal actual and projected revenues. New User Signup Rate With a build-up of anticipation, the first month is always noticably on the […]