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Unity 3D iOS apps with JOY(STICK)

Boon Chew

In the last tutorial , we used a joystick to control an iOS space shooter game, I hope you had fun with it. This time around, we are going to use joystick to control a 3D iOS App made in Unity3D. Here is a demo video of the final product. Assumptions You are somewhat familiar with Unity’s GUI. No previously coding experiences in Unity is assumed. You have heard about Arduino. No coding experience in Arduino required. Basic Understanding of Objective-c & iOS application development The Big Picture The idea of this tutorial is to use an Arduino Joystick to […]

TaggTo — Back From A Long Journey

Yuchen Wang

This post summarized the story how our latest iPhone app, TaggTo, is created. TaggTo is an iPhone app to provide a better way to discover and share personal product experiences. It’s like product reviews in an easier, more fun, and more trustworthy way.

Agile By Fire

Mark Granoff

One of the features of my new day job is that the development environment is full-on Agile. It’s my first experience in such an environment, and while I’ve worked in plenty of places that used bits and pieces of Agile, an “all Agile all the time” development model is quite eye opening. I’ve had to … Continue reading →