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How to optimize memory usage and bundle size of a Cocos2D app

Steffen Itterheim

I’m currently completing one last contract project. One of the last things I had to deal with was to optimize the game’s memory usage. In today’s iDevBlogADay article I’ll explain how I was able to cut down memory usage by about 25-30 MB (down to 90-95 MB, ie fixing memory warning related crashes) as well […]

Guest post: Making Objecty an app for 2D game developers: The short story version

Toni Sala

Source: Guest post: Making Objecty an app for 2D game developers: The short story version – Indie Dev StoriesHey there, So Toni has let me write a guest blog post so I thought I would share with you a little of my experience over the last year and a half. I will also post this on my own … Continue reading →Source: Guest post: Making Objecty an app for 2D game developers: The short story version – Indie Dev Stories Indie Dev Stories – Stories from an Independent Games Developer

Cocos2D Developer Survey Results

Steffen Itterheim

For the past two weeks I’ve been running a Cocos2D Developer Survey. As of today, 236 developers started the survey and 189 finished it completely. That’s 80% despite the many questions they had to answer. Here are the results with my observations. I started the survey also to see if I was on track with […]

App Rewards Club’s First Report

Kyle Newsome

This morning Ken and I released our first report on the App Rewards Club blog. Inside, we’ve shared aggregate results for 12 apps that switched from paid to free as well as some analysis on Free App A Day. In addition, there’s also other news about our business so far. I hope you enjoy the

Pro Tip: Data Types Matter

Mark Granoff

I made a stupid mistake recently, which cost me more than a few hours of time to figure out. But I learned a couple things: Xcode will let you dig as deep a hole as you like, despite its “assistance”, and no amount of experience is a substitute for taking your time, especially when writing … Continue reading →

iPhone 5 a/b testing

Aaron Griffith

I recently released a utility app for iOS that I use to rack my kids basketball games.  I used a iterative process to come up with a minimum viable app I could put on the app store.  I purposely published it with quite a few things left incomplete.  One of those things was iPhone 5 […]

KoboldTouch: The Future of Cocos2D is Available NOW!

Steffen Itterheim

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the launch of KoboldTouch. I can’t think of anything else but WOW! right now. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about KoboldTouch, and then act on your feedback. For those who were just waiting for the launch: Sign up on the KoboldTouch […]