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Geofencing Followup

Mark Granoff

In a previous post I wrote up some discoveries I had made about using geofencing — region monitoring in iOS parlance — based on some testing I had done. I have since applied those experiments to a real world application and made some new discoveries, which follow. Geofencing is where you define a virtual boundary … Continue reading →

Phases of Level Polish on Lab Bunnies

Greg Holsclaw

Having not taken a regular course of level design outside those offered by the experiences of life and trial and effort, I now endeavor to document the phases of level design and polishing that went into Lab Bunnies, now available in the AppStore. Steps in Brief Hand Drawn Designs Constructed in Level Editor (at times by another person) Game Tested and Tweaked for Playability by original designer (in case the original design was untenable or not fun) Level replayed many times to gauge correct time and movement bonuses Decorations were added (by original designer or another) After all this, a […]

Muster my Monsters: Procedural Animations Model

Toni Sala

Source: Muster my Monsters: Procedural Animations Model – Indie Dev StoriesOne of the most important aspects of Muster my Monsters is the animation system. Muster my Monsters is a semi-interactive game in the sense that you do not control directly the characters in the game but chose the actions they … Continue reading →Source: Muster my Monsters: Procedural Animations Model – Indie Dev Stories Indie Dev Stories – Stories from an Independent Games Developer

GameCenter Turn Based Matches

Tod Cunningham

We have been looking and doing a major overall to Euchre HD.  In particular, we are looking atleveraging GameCenter’s turn based games.  Right now we use basic Game Center matchs, but there lots of good benefits with being able to leverage the turn based capabilities.  The two big benefits we want are:Support for “live” and “non-live” matches (turn based)Support for TimeoutsImproved Game Center match UIA really good example to get started with Game Center Turn Based match’s is Beginning Turn-Based Gaming with iOS 5 by Jacob Gundersen.  Some API’s have been changed in iOS 6, but it is still a really good […]

Circular Scrolling + Inertia

Ryan Dillon

Why Inertia? I’ve talked a lot on this blog about the circular scroll-view/table-view thing I created for my metronome app, and while I’m very pleased with how the whole thing turned out, I was still annoyed that I hadn’t figured out how to do one thing: give it inertia like UIScrollView. A commenter on one

The App Store Playbook – My Interview

Greg Holsclaw

Earlier this year I was glad to offer an interview with Shane Lee at Beginning iOS Dev while I making Lab Bunnies. He has packaged my interview, and 8 other indie developers including @DeneCarter Creator of Incoboto, @ADAMATOMIC Creator of Canabalt, and @davekalina Creator of Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Here is an excerpt of the interview that I participated in: read more

Cocos2D Gets An Overhaul With Your Help!

Steffen Itterheim

Since I started working on KoboldTouch a couple things fell into place. Mainly that it would: Provide what Cocos2D leaves up to its users. Fixes what Cocos2D does badly. Adds what Cocos2D doesn’t do at all. Eases development with Cocos2D and accommodates actual developer needs. While Zynga is moving Cocos2D towards cross-platform with their Javascript […]

Composite Images using Image Masks

Mark Granoff

In my last post about dynamic pattern images , I showed how to create images on the fly for use as background pattern images. As promised, today I’ll show how to create composite images with cutouts using masks. Building on the sample project from last time, I have changed the background pattern image to a … Continue reading →

KoboldTouch: MVC Wrapper For Cocos2D

Steffen Itterheim

Here’s what I’m working on. Hopefully this answers the questions I’ve been getting, in particular those about KoboldScript. And what’s happening with it, when is it coming, when can we stop using Corona SDK, etc. Well then, let’s start with … KoboldTouch Huh, what? Well, the short answer is: KoboldTouch is an MVC wrapper around […]

Mixing two Videos with GPUImage

Jake Gundersen

There was some discussion on the GPUImage github a little while back about how to mix two video input sources. I have been meaning to investigate this capability for a while. Well, last night I had a burst of productive energy so I was up late playing with it. This morning I can report my …read more