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Dissecting the New AppStore – Adapt and Redesign your Shelf Space!

Justine Pratt

The new AppStore, redesigned for iOS6, has been out for just over a week now. Speaking recently at 360iDev, I stressed the importance of great shelf design in the AppStore as part of your marketing plan. Getting to know the new design is key to understanding how it will affect browsing, discovery, and buying habits, especially for developers, but also for consumers. I’ve been playing with the store all week, on several devices, including the new iPhone5, the iPad, and my old iPhone4. I’ve found, sales-wise, that some things have improved, some have been unaffected. The new AppStore was obviously […]

Dynamic Pattern Images with Core Graphics

Mark Granoff

The image handling capabilities available in iOS (and OS X for that matter) are pretty spectacular. Using only high level APIs, you can work with images quite easily. But lurking very close to the high level APIs is Core Graphics, where in the real power lies. Background With the recent release of iOS6 and more … Continue reading →

How We Used UIWebView along with LaunchRock to Engage Mobile Users

Gabor Furedi

This is another guest post by Ferenc, about how LaunchRock was modified to show up nicely on a UIWebView. If you’ve ever wanted built a landing page or had the need for one, you’ve provably heard of LaunchRock. If not, have … Continue reading →

Introducing Hit The Lights

Bartek Wilczyński

I started working on my new game almost a year ago, the initial commit on my git repository states it was exactly on the 8th of October. I documented some parts of the design decisions I made for this game in my three part series post as part of my idevblogaday schedule. And since that […]

Strategies for Accessing Other Cocos2D Nodes In The Scene Hierarchy

Steffen Itterheim

A question I see frequently asked by Cocos2D developers, in simplified form: "I have this node A, how can I access this other node B?" Whether it’s executing a message or getting the node itself as a reference, developers have a problem accessing nodes in other parts of the scene. Or the scene itself. The […]

Facebook Developers World Hack Barcelona – My first Hack

Toni Sala

Source: Facebook Developers World Hack Barcelona – My first Hack – Indie Dev StoriesYesterday, 2012 September 18 was celebrated the Facebook Developers World Hack Barcelona. This was my first time in a hack/jam/coding style event and I must admit that it was a great experience To be honest, I was not much excited with … Continue reading →Source: Facebook Developers World Hack Barcelona – My first Hack – Indie Dev Stories Indie Dev Stories – Stories from an Independent Games Developer

Macro for Device Specific Settings (There’s a new iPhone Screen Size!)

Ryan Dillon

iPhone 5 Well, it finally happened. Apple is releasing an iPhone with a different screen size and aspect ratio. “Oh no!” everyone screamed. iOS is headed down the path of Android! Fragmentation is here!! OK, there’s probably (almost ) no one actually saying that. Yes, there’s a new device, but the fragmentation situation for Apple

Our Customer Communication Tools

Gabor Furedi

This is a guest post by Ferenc, the other co-founder of Bitongo. In this article, I’ll briefly talk about the tools we built and use to communicate with our customers. Having worked a little on support (among many things) in … Continue reading →

Create Every iOS Icon For Your App With a Photoshop Script

Josh Jones

When you create any kind of app that will go on Apple’s App Store, they require you to have an icon for your app. Well because of the number of different devices and resolutions out there, you’ll need multiple copies of this icon before submission. This script can do that for you in a few seconds!

Perform a blur using vImage from the Accelerate framework Tutorial

Jake Gundersen

Last week I attended 360iDev for the first time. It was tres awesome. One of my favorite sessions was on the accelerate framework from Jeff Biggus (@hyperjeff). One of the biggest barriers to using the framework is a lack of easy to follow documentation/sample code. I went looking for some sample code on how to …read more