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The 60days and counting app review

Marin Todorov

Disclaimer: This is a venting post with no happy ending, so feel warned and don’t get disappointed at the end. I have an app at the App Store called “Fun Photo Booth” and me and my designer are releasing content updates around major holidays with some new content so people would find it more relevant […]

Marketing Post-Mortem, Operation: Eradicate

Greg Holsclaw

Following up on the Development Post-Mortem I wrote for our new iOS game, I wanted to give a quick look into how our marketing push was planned and how the first few weeks of sales went. Though I am a coder first, I have many spare cycles in my brain to approach the business side of things, and I knew I didn’t want to neglect the marketing and promotion side of the app. A failure to launch is many times cited as a source of frustration of independent developers and I wanted to give my new game a fair shot […]

Create An App For Your Internal Business Use Only

Josh Jones

iPhones and iPads are great tools by themselves and many businesses are adopting them to get things done. Sometimes a business will want an app for internal use only. How do you publish an app that bypasses the App Store without much hassle? Examples If you ever go to an Apple store you might notice […]

On Going Universal

Justine Pratt

The new iPad (aka 3rd generation) adds a new complexity to universal apps this week—high resolution images and graphics—which could quickly fill up that 16/32/64 GB storage space. In addition, other things happened this week—the 20 MB download limit over non-wifi (3G/4G/4LTE) increased to 50 MB. Updates are no longer showing up in New Releases. Considerations for going Universal may now shift. This post will discuss some of things to consider when deciding on a universal app vs a device-specific app. App Size Bookmark/Search this post with: read more

Cruise, Crap, and Finding Time

Doug Davies

Today’s entry is a status update.  I missed last time around because I had just gotten back from a Bahama cruise with Donny & Marie (please don’t laugh — it was a dream of my girlfriend).  If you’re curious about it you can read it on my personal blog here.  It was relaxing and got […]

The Level Editor Sprint, Pt.3

Will Culpepper

My second attempt at a level editor for THE OCTOBER GAME was a useful failure. A few months after my last effort, I wanted to try a new method of app development. Previously, I tended to write code in a … Continue reading →

A Lesson In Knowing Your Product

Pat Zearfoss

Long ago, in my first year at Mindgrub we were contracted to work on a community site that circled around creating a sense of nostalgia.  You could go in and become fans (or something) of things from your 80s childhood.  The site details really aren’t important, and I’m not even sure if the site is even […]

Core Data Image Caching

Mark Granoff

It is a common pattern for an app to do something with data that is not local. Maintaining decent app performance while fetching the data is one challenge (and not the focus of this article). Keeping the data, and enough of it, for later use and to prevent having to get it again, is another … Continue reading →

Game Design Sensibilities

Alexander Okafor

I’ve been playing a fair number of board games lately. It’s interesting because the design of those games I feel are a whole different world compared to modern video game designs. In a way, I feel board games are a ‘purer’ game design in some aspects. You’re not tied down in presentation, cut-scenes, and other […]

Game 3 Updates, oDesk, and Developer Opinions

Jerrod Putman

Game 3 is coming along nicely. We’re very close to being at the “vertical slice” stage, where we can actually get a real feel for how the whole game will play. We won’t have finalized graphics (especially on the UI side), but all game functionality should be there and working. Development hasn’t gone quite as […]