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iPad review, briefly

Alexandru Brie

Because I am still working hard recoding one of my most important apps, and hoping I’ll be ready in a week or two, I won’t do a iOS development post just yet. Instead, I am going to take my turn reviewing the new iPad, in the shortest manner possible: When did I get it? As […]

Game dev link roundup – 30th March

Gareth Jenkins

Not done this for a while… here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve come across in the last week or so. Games Home by Benjamin Rivers Hauntingly beautiful pixel horror adventure. Dyad by Shawn McGrath Didn’t quite get to see this at GDC. Wish I had. Lone Survivor by Jasper Byrne More pixel horror — this one’s out already though.  Offspring Fling by Kyle Pulver Just in case your twitter stream didn’t explode with this Friday night — go check it out. Design Controls You Can Feel Slides & notes from Zach Gage’s outstanding GDC 2012 talk on touch tactility. Mirror’s Edge: Building the impossible […]

Geofencing: What do you do with it?

Mark Granoff

Location Services are one of the most interesting capabilities available in iOS. One interesting feature therein is “geofencing”, also known as “region monitoring.” I recently investigated how this works and what you can do with it. While easy enough to use, region monitoring alone isn’t enough to bring your user back to your app. The … Continue reading →

Guest post: Pocket Lists iPhone app sales: $13500 in first 3 months

Toni Sala

Our iPhone app Pocket Lists brought us $13500 in first 3 months (after Apple’s 30% cut). Category: Productivity (to-do & checklist app) Price: initially priced at $4.99, then settled to $1.99 Developed in: 10 months from scratch to version 1.0 Team: 2 people (1 designer and 1 programmer) Money spent … Continue reading →

Picross HD Localization – Part II

Tod Cunningham

At a Mobile Mondays meeting in Ann Arbor, Michael Antaran founder of Marvel Apps, was talking about the benefits of localizing AppStore Apps.  That was enough to inspire me to give it a try.In the first part, I explained that we decided to localize Picross HD into three languages: German, French, and Japanese along with some of the lessons we had learned.  Now that the localized versions have been in the AppStore for about a month, I thought it would be good to share the results along with some other interesting tidbits we learned.German & FrenchWe didn’t see any positive impact to new user growth […]

ipad résumé experiment postmortem

Aaron Griffith

I really like iOS development.  Ideally, I’d like to have a full time job developing games for iOS.  But really, I just want more experience doing iOS development.  I want to get better, find a mentor or a coding buddy.  With that in mind, I recently started applying and interviewing for junior level positions.  I […]

App Rejections Are a Lousy Way to Communicate Policy Changes

Chris Adamson

Following Twitter reports from earlier in the week, MacRumors and TechCrunch now report that Apple is rejecting apps that use the unique device identifier (UDID), by means of the -[UIDevice uniqueIdentifier] call. This in itself is not surprising: iOS 5 deprecates the method, adding “Special Considerations” that advise developers to create a one-off CFUUID to […]

Brief Reflections On A Meeting With iTunes Canada

Kyle Newsome

This week, thanks to my employer, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit iTunes Canada and meet several employees who manage marketing. I was ridiculously excited about the chance to visit an Apple office and hear about App Store marketing from the source. It was a great experience, everyone was really friendly

iOS Sales Statistics including Q1 2012: Split by Model and OpenGL ES 2.0 Support

Steffen Itterheim

With Apple’s blazing Q1 2012 quarterly results, which sees iPhone sales double (!) that of the previous Q4 2011 and last year’s Q1 quarter, it’s time to update my iOS Device sales statistics from July 2011. Apple’s Quarterly Results Reports have one big flaw for those interested in per-device numbers: Apple only mentions how many […]

The 60days and counting app review

Marin Todorov

Disclaimer: This is a venting post with no happy ending, so feel warned and don’t get disappointed at the end. I have an app at the App Store called “Fun Photo Booth” and me and my designer are releasing content updates around major holidays with some new content so people would find it more relevant […]