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Time distribution. One year later

Toni Sala

About one year ago I wrote an article entitled “Time distribution on game development“. On this article you can read about what tasks I was working on when developing New Sokoban and how they were distributed on time. That post was … Continue reading →

Picross HD Localization

Tod Cunningham

At a Mobile Mondays meeting in Ann Arbor, Michael Antaran founder of Marvel Apps, was talking about the benefits of localizing AppStore Apps.  That was enough to inspire me to give it a try.  I spent the last week localizing Picross HD, our best revenue generating App so far, and I thought I would share my experiences thus far.LanguagesUsing some metrics and based on the appeal of Picross HD, the first thing I decided was to localize in 3 languages: German, French, and Japanese. ContractorsWe used odesk to find the people to do the localization and that has been a very good experience.  It was […]

The Audio Tools for Xcode 4.3 switcharoo

Chris Adamson

It’s great that Xcode 4.3 packs all the SDKs and essential helper apps into its own app bundle, which makes Mac App Store distribution more practical and elegant, and brings Apple into compliance with its own rules for MAS distribution. Adapting Xcode into this form is also a prerequisite for eventually delivering an iPad version, […]

Game On, TurnBased Game Center

Jason Lust

I was excited to see Apple add the TurnBased system to their GameCenter last year. Since it’s beta release I have been testing with it on and off for some time now to get the best experience from it that I believe I can offer. The difference for me is I approached this TurnBased GameCenter as a partial replacement for the PHP async system I was mildly developing before Apple’s announcement.Where I started in PHP;I started with a SQLLite model that was going to mirror the online storage of the games. This my be an over ambitious approach to a […]

An iOS5 Ready Native Web App Template

Kyle Newsome

Several months ago, I wrote a template/tutorial on developing a Native iOS Web App that seized the phone’s camera functionality. Since then it has been a relatively popular article on my blog, iOS5 was released and I’ve also received some questions/feedback. So, I thought it might be appropriate to revise this template, based on the

Cocos2D Webcam Viewer, Part 2: Asynchronous Texture Loading

Steffen Itterheim

I updated the Cocos2D Webcam Viewer project from a previous article to download a file from the web asynchronously, and then load its texture asynchronously as well. You can now switch between the two modes to see how asynchronous operations almost completely removed the pauses the app experiences in synchronous mode. Just tap the screen […]

Indie Marketing Tips and a Free App a Day Promo

Scott Bradley

If you have been following my past posts you will know that my first game Monster Splash was recently released. So far it’s made a grand total of $41!!!! Gaah. But I’m not giving up. The game was intended to be a free to play game with in app purchases to monetize it and so far […]

About Beta Testers

Gabor Furedi

After an admittedly long absence from our allotted iDevBlogADay schedule, I would like to share my thoughts about the difficulties of beta testing. We have conducted a few beta tests in the past for iOS products and I am beginning to understand the underlying problems that probably many other dev teams are struggling with: beta tests are […]

Photoshop Layer Comps

Ryan Dillon

Just a quick Photoshop tip today, but it’s something I’ve been making extensive use of the last few weeks, so I thought I’d share. If you happened to read my last post and/or watch the video, you would have seen that in my new metronome app, I’m handling interface rotation in a somewhat different way

Store Age: Making My App Free

Doug Davies

I’ve taken a hiatus from working on my current game.  The last few months I’ve been updating all my apps.  Removing OpenFeint, going Game Center exclusively (see my DDGameKitHelper entry), changing the minimum requirements to iOS4.2, and removing PlayHaven from all my apps and replacing it with my own cross-pomotion UI (I smell a blog entry […]