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On Gender Neutral “Guys”

Ray Merkler

Simple question that has been driving me crazy for a few weeks. I had a big pre-question discussion planned, but I just now changed my mind and decided to simply ask it and step back. Okay. The name of my … Continue reading →

LearnCocosTV #4: I see Road Nuts

Steffen Itterheim

In this episode you can see the Cocos2D Webcam Viewer in action. I also show you how to update a sprite’s texture while your app is running just by saving an updated version of the image, and how cool that actually is! The second half of the video is devoted to explaining my work schedule. […]

Cocos2D/Box2D Endless Platformer

Antoni Massó Mola

It’s been a long time since my last iDevBlogADay contribution. I’ve been (and still am) very busy, but wanted to share with you this code. I’m working on an endless platformer game ( and i didn’t find any tutorial or source code to help me start with the development so I’m sharing with the Cocos2D

Freemium Must Die

Thomas Ortega II

OK, now that I’ve got your attention… I’ll explain.  Freemium should be viewed for what it is, a tactic.  As such, it cannot become the de facto standard by which our gaming market exists. A tactic can only be successful when it is properly deployed.  Which means that the general (you) must understand his troops […]

2012 – My year of iOS

Kyle Newsome

A brief personal update. A new job and personal game plan make it look like this year is coming up iOS for me.

How to Download Modified Files from a Web Server for a Cocos2D Webcam Viewer

Steffen Itterheim

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could update your game’s assets while your app is running? It turns out you can, and it’s not even very complicated. Whether you want to tweak a game setting or experiment with a variety of image styles on the fly, this will be one of the things you wish […]

Using Cocos2D in a UIKit project

Ben Williams

I recently needed to add a “water ripple” effect to a project. Although there is a simple water …

UIStoryboard Power Drill

Jason Lust

I’ve read some good reasons why Storyboards are not ready for prime time. Some of the articles like Jonathan at toxic simply help me find out that I wasn’t doing something wrong, it just wasn’t meant for that. But there are some benefits from using a storyboard that I wanted to keep, so I got adamant about finding workarounds. Here’s one:Drill down UITableViews – Standard1. Provided you’ve started with a subclassed UITableViewController, or a TableView in a UIViewController that is already the root relationship from a UINavigationController. 2. You link the push outlet from the cell prototype back to […]

Launch Blitz, Timing It Right – Applying the 4P’s of Marketing to Apps, Promotion, part 4b

Justine Pratt

App complete, check. App tested, check. App submitted to Apple, check. Pre-launch promotion prep work done, check. Now what? It’s all about the timing. Based on our experience in the AppStore, there are three things that contribute most to sales numbers: 1) Getting noticed by Apple (and being featured) 2) Word of mouth and 3) Launch Blitz. I discussed the strategy for getting noticed by Apple in previous 4 P’s posts: make a great product, include new iOS tech, follow the HIG, have a polished icon and screens. Word of mouth is just the snowball effect—the more people own (and […]

Coding With a Broken Arm

Josh Jones

On Jan 5th, I was riding my bike on the same route I’ve been riding for 2+ years. Only on that day my tires didn’t turn properly which caused me to land on my wrist and breaking and dislocating the bottom section of my upper arm. Changes As I write this, I’m in full arm […]