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XS Force Art and Level Progress

Tim Miller

I’m taking a break this week from writing tutorials to show a bit of early XS Force level art. I say early because we’re still tuning the look – we’re heading for something that’s more stylized, less angular – but I thought it would be cool to show what we have at this point since […]

How to use CCRenderTexture for Motion Blur, Screenshots and Drawing Sketches

Steffen Itterheim

Cocos2D’s CCRenderTexture class is shrouded in mysteries. Part of it because it has a low-level aura to it, and most certainly because it simply works differently than most Cocos2D nodes. In this tutorial you’ll learn all about CCRenderTexture and what you can use it for. The CCRenderTexture demo project will guide you through basic uses […]

Generating Revenue with Admob

Andrew Kozlik

Things have been crazy over the past few weeks, so I didn’t have a chance to put together the application teardown that I wanted to have for all the #idevblogaday readers. Instead, I’m giving you the slides to the presentation I did at the Orlando iOS meetup group last week….

Prototyping with Codea

Owen Goss

It’s not very often that I talk about other games or apps on my blog, but I want to make an exception today to talk about a cool iPad app called Codea (currently “Codify” on the App Store, but apparently soon to be called Codea) by developers TwoLivesLeft. This is a new iPad app that […]

How to Fix an App that Crashes in Release but not Debug

Ken Carpenter

I recently submitted version 1.16 of Charmed to the App Store, which included a new OpenFeint version, and a new Tap Me SDK version.  In addition, this was the first version of Charmed to be built under any version of Xcode 4.x. Everything seemed to go smoothly with the submission and it was soon posted […]

Cry me a river

Fábio Rodella

I’ve always given special attention to water effects in games. It’s something that usually has no impact on gameplay (exceptions are games that use water as its core mechanic, such as Sprinkle), but it makes all the difference in truly … Continue reading →

How To Pick A Good Idea For Your Next App

Scott Bradley

Choosing an idea for your app is an exciting and frustrating time. After spending what seems like forever thinking of ideas you reach a point where you feel you should just start on something. If you happen to pick a lemon your journey begins on the wrong track from the start. In this post I will take […]

Tether Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking (Or Paying For It)

Brandon Trebitowski

With all of the buzz around the iTether App, I figured I’d offer a more permanent solution since Apple will surely yank this soon Last year, a developer published his code for an http SOCKS proxy called iProxy. This will give your iPhone the ability to create a SOCKS server in which your laptop can […]

Add an iCloud photo gallery to your app with MTICloudPhotoGallery library

Marin Todorov

As I previously mentioned on TCM I wrote a nice little library to add photo publishing to iCloud last month when I was finishing “Fun Photo Booth”. Thanks to the chapter “Beginning iCloud” in “iOS 5 by Tutorials” by my co-author Cesare it was quite easy to enable iCloud support, but of course there were […]

The Story of Serving Sizer, Lessons Learned in Successfully Evolving an App Over Time

Justine Pratt

My brother is always calling me with app ideas. One day, way back in late 2003, he suggested writing a calculator that took recipe ingredient amounts and adjusted them by changing the serving size. My husband, our developer, is an avid cook, so the idea intrigued him. He wasn’t satisfied with just a multiplier, so he started creating a complicated algorithm for the Palm PDA that would also factor down the result into the simplest amount of steps. So, if you size up a recipe calling for 1-1/2 teaspoon from 4 servings to 14 servings, the little app would tell […]