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Designing waiting time in Freemium games

Markus Nigrin

Every evening, after a long day at work, Reggie F.*, 50, tries to forget about stubborn controller tablets and whips out his iPod Touch to play some of the latest gaming jewels the Apple platform brings to light every day. Today, he is excited to try Tiny Tower, developed by a classic “garage developer”, Nimblebit […]

Making Better Decisions Based On Tracking Data

Yuchen Wang

After a long wait, finally it’s my time to contribute to #iDevBlogADay! Today I won’t talk about anything too technical. Instead, I’ll talk about how to make better decisions based on data in my iphone app development experience. Be more specific, how to leverage the power of Google Analytics. There are plenty of tutorials online […]

tiny tower

Aaron Griffith

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks working on a non-iOS project that I hope to reveal on my next and last iDevBlogADay post.  The only real iOS stuff I have been doing is playing games.  Mostly Velocispider and Tiny Tower. I have found Tiny Tower very addictive.  I’m not a big fan of microtransactions, […]

The dreaded “no new content” post

Fábio Rodella

Well, it finally happened. Other obligations have kept me from writing so unfortunately this iDevBlogADay post will not have any new content, but I’d still like to take this chance to bring to light some older posts (from before iDevBlogADay) which contain useful code snippets: RPG-like text box with Cocos2D Using AVPlayer to play background […]


Al Nyveldt

Everything that man has created has been created with an audience in mind.  We create things for ourselves, for others and sometimes, we create for both ourselves and others.  As application developers, this is just as true. As we design apps, we need to determine who our core audience is.  This can be tricky enough […]

Getting Back to Nature

Justine Pratt

I’m going to go a bit non-tech in this week’s post, since I just got back from a four day cub scouts camping trip to Camp Freeland Leslie, a boy scout camp in Wisconsin, where we attended Webelos Adventure Camp. Nowadays it’s so easy to get caught up in technology and always being connected that […]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Do A Cocoa Coding Day

Doug Sjoquist

Cincinnati Cocoa Dev Coding Day Our local NSCoder style group, Cincinnati CocoaDev, meets once a month. Usually someone presents on a particular topic on a weekday evening, we spend some time talking around pizza — the usual stuff. This month, we decided to do an informal coding day on Saturday, June 25th at Cincinnati Coworks […]

Celebrating 1 Year Of Web Presence

Frederic Tessier

By looking thru the different topics/posts that was put on this blog/site I noticed that the first one was publish a year ago (minus 1 day) which was titled “The beginning of the awakening!” (an introduction of our self).  A lot of thing have happen since that first blog post 1 year ago and we […]

Game Studio: An Introduction of sorts…

Bryan Sawler

Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men… I had intended to write about cross-platform graphics technology or something of the sort. But then E3 happened, and Game Studio was shown by TouchArcade, and suddenly people started taking notice, and hitting us up for more information. So, let’s talk […]

Creating 2D Games with Unity3D Part 5 Complex Collision

Tim Miller

Way back in the first part of this series, I mentioned that you can make complex collision objects in 3D packages like Maya or Blender to match the shape of your 2D sprites. Unity3D provides basic primitives like cubes and spheres, but sometimes you need more complex shapes to match the contours of the objects […]