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OT: Insights from Adobe’s Main Dev Conference

Thomas Ortega II

This week I am at Adobe MAX, which is Adobe’s huge developer conference. While it was devoted primarily at the Flash Platform, there was some pretty interesting stats that would apply to iOS developers. Mobile is weak in everything EXCEPT bandwidth One of the most exciting stats that I saw had to do with mobile […]

When One Goes Indie

Alexander Okafor

One Man Left Studios is over a year old, but it’s been about 4-5 months since I’ve gone ‘full time’ indie. It’s been an awesome experience thus far and each new day brings a lot of joy and excitement. It’s really hard to describe the feeling of going from a job you simply ‘show up […]

Advice for Indie developers with young families

Doug Sjoquist

Take advantage of those serendipitous moments Twelve years ago, I went independent full time with kids aged 11, 10, 8, and 6 (the youngest just stared college this fall.) One of the great parts was my ability to alter the day’s schedule on very short notice. There are so many cool things you can do […]

Setting up an Automated Build in an iOS environment – part 4

George Sealy

I thought it was about time to wrap up this series of articles by showing a fully working example of a build.  I’ve been using Hudson both for my private work and in my day job for the last couple of months now.  In that time it has save me a lot of time and […]

Spaces the final frontier

Frederic Tessier

This week in the Apple universe has been quite busy, as this week Apple hold the special event called “Back To Mac” to showcase their latest products.  We were first treated with the new iLife 11 suite (which look really great btw), those gorgeous new Macbook Air (I really want to get the 11′ inch) […]

Indie Life Tip #3 – Spend Money

Gavin Bowman

Of all the Indie Lifestyle tips we’ve posted so far, this one is the hardest to balance. It’s easy to say everyone should exercise, we didn’t feel the need to add any kind of disclaimer saying “but not too much”… although if you see any previously scrawny developers with roid rage at 360iDev, do let […]

Casey’s Contraptions And The IGF

Noel Llopis

Today is the day! We finally announced my next game: Casey’s Contraptions. This is a bit of a different project than some of my past ones. This one is a collaboration with Miguel Ángel Friginal from Mystery Coconut. I’m doing the programming, Miguel is doing all the art, and we’re both contributing equally to the […]

This is important: reflections on the Mac App Store from a (iOS) developer perspective

Gareth Jenkins

What does the Mac App Store mean for (iOS) developers? Simple: I have no idea. Nobody could have predicted the creative and commercial innovation spawned by the (then) iPhone App Store. The same applies here. My original #idevblogaday post for this week was going to be about game controller design patterns, and was going to […]

On Pricing And Ranking

Matt Martel

It’s widely assumed that lowering price can increase sales. In theory the lower the price, the larger the increase in sales. This can indeed offset the difference in price and possibly even increase bottom-line revenue. What happens when you raise the price instead? In the case of reMovem, not much. This app has never been […]

The Week That Was

Matt Rix

For this week’s iDevBlogADay post, I’m going to try to explain all the things that have happened since last week’s The Story So Far post. I’ll probably miss some stuff, but this’ll at least give you a general idea of what happened. A success My experiment from last Tuesday worked exactly like I hoped it would. […]