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Communicating With Players

Noel Llopis

By now every iOS developer knows that making a great game and putting it on the App Store is only part of the work. In order to get significant sales, it needs to be noticed. You need to spend a significant amount of time in marketing and PR, making sure that blogs cover it, magazines […]

Change Is Hard

Matt Martel

This post could be subtitled “No good deed goes unpunished.” This is a story about how updating existing products can be a painful and frustrating process. Over the last 4 weeks I’ve updated 4 different apps and can share the common pitfalls encountered in the process. It turns out that some users can never be […]

8 Entrepreneurial techniques for effective software development (and other complex creative projects)

Gareth Jenkins

As the first post in our #idevblogaday Wednesday spot, I thought I’d take the opportunity to expand on a few points relating to the management and getting things done of software development with an entrepreneurial slant. This is pitched at those involved in the practice of software design and development – primarily for those working […]

“People are camping out for the iPhone 4″

Markus Nigrin

Today’s contribution to the idevblogaday initiative will be an interview that I conduct with my two visitors from China. A year ago, I hired a team of four developers/designers for one year, to create a series of small and bigger games for me. They helped me jumpstart my late entry into the iOS and Android […]

The Right Lite

Matt Rix

For this week’s iDevBlogADay post, I’m going to share the thought process I went through when creating a “lite” version of Trainyard. What is a lite game? A lite game is a feature-limited and/or content-limited version of a paid game. Lite versions have pretty much always existed in the software world, as things like demos […]

Taking Mercurial Out For a Spin

Alexander Okafor

Let me first start off by saying how great it feels to be genuinely “busy”. I’m talking about the “excited-and-can’t-wait-to-get-started-or-get-finished” type of busy. I’m slowly finding out that the days are flying by with me barely noticing. Each morning, I’m looking forward to getting to work (yes, even Mondays). So either I’m strange or have […]

iOS Asset Library photo browsing experiments

Doug Sjoquist

My photo browsing work has gone in fits and starts over the last two weeks, but I have made some progress through experimentation. Since upgrading to an iPhone 4, and the subsequent announced availability of iOS 4.2 on the iPad, I can now use the Asset Library framework in my prototypes. I want to use […]

Mythlound : Maurlack Tower (part I)

Frederic Tessier

In last week blog (iQBR revealed!) we officially announced the name of our upcoming iPhone game which is titled Mythlound : Maurlack Tower and gave you a small glimpse of this universe.  Oh and forgot to mention that last week picture “Maurlack Tower” was some concept art done in 2008 inspired by the story/universe of […]

Game Center via OpenFeint

Gavin Bowman

Craig is still super busy finishing up artwork for Linkoidz, and one of the big remaining items on my todo list is adding leaderboards and achievements. We’ve swung back and forth a little between just adding Game Center directly or doing it via OpenFeint, so I set aside a little time to take a look […]

My Standing Desk Experiment

Noel Llopis

I’m not sure where I first heard about standing desks. It was probably about a year ago in some online article, but it didn’t have much of an impact at the time. Since then, the benefits of standing (or rather, the dangers of sitting down for prolonged periods of time) has been appearing in the […]