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Day to Day Motivation

Luke Rogers

Motivation is a very odd thing. I like to think of myself as being a highly motivated person. I even have a ten-year plan outlining what I’d like my life to look like so I have a clear direction. But for some reason I find that that long term stuff, the bigger picture vision, isn’t […]

Setting up an Automated Build in an iOS environment

George Sealy

Disclaimer: I’ll let you in on a secret now, to avoid disappointment later on.  By the end of this article you won’t have a fully working automated build  The reason is that I was half way through writing up this article using CruiseControl when I started to look at Hudson, which seems like it might […]

Getting There

Gavin Bowman

It’s Friday again, that means it’s iDevBlogADay time. Craig took charge of our slot last week for his first ever blog post, and he did a great job: Using Constraints to Develop an Art Style. Craig has a few more ideas for posts, so you can look forward to more of that, and hopefully soon […]

Prototyping: You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong

Noel Llopis

You’re not alone, I was also doing prototyping wrong until a few years ago. There are probably many different ways of prototyping games correctly, and maybe your way works great for you. In that case, a more accurate title for this post could have been “Prototyping: I Was Doing It Wrong”. A good game prototype […]

How to get your game made, even if you’re not a programmer

Mike Berg

Great apps are like babies… very easy to conceive but very hard to deliver! – Ted Mico, Interscope / Geffen / A&M Everyone and their dog has an app or game idea. The skill to implement that idea, and implement it well, is much less common. If you are a designer and love games, this […]

Freeze Frame: Shoop, shoop, doodle, oodle, oop

Doug Davies

While working on Jiggle Balls HD for the iPad I’ve come across several things I didn’t experience while writing iPhone/iPod Touch games.  Specifically having to do with UIPopoverControllers and orientation handling.  Today I’m gonna discuss an issue I had with popovers, scrollviews, and how they can FREEZE up your main animation loop (I’ll leave the […]

From Lawsuits and Patent Trolls

Markus Nigrin

Edit: What I describe in this post only partially applies to the latest patent troll case, causing quite some outrage these days. Mike Lee (@bmf) explains where the difference is compared to what I describe here. I think this difference is important to understand, hence this edit and link to Mike’s great post. Today I […]

Trains on Paper

Matt Rix

When I started coming up with ideas for my first iDevBlogADay post, I considered writing about everything from procrastination to Xcode folder references. It took a couple helpful tweets to make me realize I should write about something I really know about: the process of developing Trainyard. Trainyard is my iPhone game. It’s a grid-based […]

iPhone Dev Tip #3: Sanity From Automated Builds

Alexander Okafor

It’s been hellishly busy as of late, as I’m knee deep in Tilt to Live HD.  Now on with my quick blurb: This tip is kind of a “duh” much in the same way version control software is for most developers. The thing is I still meet a lot of developers who don’t use any […]

UIWebViews and CSS3 Fonts

Luke Rogers

Web development is one of those necessary evils in life. No-one enjoys working out what the hell is going on with Internet Explorer, and why your perfectly valid markup displays something like a spilt tin of alphabeti-spaghetti when viewed on what must be one of the worst bits of software known to man. It’s sad […]