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iPhone Dev Tip #4: Check your Locale

Alexander Okafor

I had an issue where several international users were reporting that the game was crashing. As it turns out, using an NSNumberFormatter would return a weird character to display as the grouping separator. This would be all good and dandy, but the problem lies in the fact that I’m using bitmap fonts to render, and […]

Quebarium @ demoscene meet up

Frederic Tessier

On Friday the 20th of August 2010 me (@frederictessier aka Intruder) and @fcycles (left 2nd) we decided to participate in a little demoscene meet up organize by Val Grimm aka Metoikos (right/front) the organizer of the @party demo party.  It was great to finally other local demoscener from around Montréal, it has been a long […]

Echoes from the Graveyard

Gavin Bowman

We’re creeping towards the launch of our next game, Linkoidz, so I thought it might be fun to use this week’s iDevBlogADay post to go back in time a year or two, and take a look at some of the ideas that didn’t make it. We toss around a lot of ideas, some good, some […]

Commitment: "This may sound too simple…"

Doug Sjoquist

One of my favorite quotes1 is from a book by Scottish mountain climber, W.H. Murray:2 ‘But when I said that nothing had been done I erred in one important matter. We had definitely committed ourselves and were halfway out of our ruts. We had put down our passage money–booked a sailing to Bombay. This may […]

Customizable Color Sections With OpenGL ES 1.1

Noel Llopis

One of the items in my ever-growing list of things to write about, is the rendering techniques I used in Flower Garden. In the end, it would make for a post with lots of pretty pictures, but there’s nothing particularly ground-breaking. After all, it’s all limited to OpenGL ES 1.1 on the iPhone, which means […]

Setting up an Automated Build in an iOS environment – part 2

George Sealy

After last week’s introduction, it’s time to get on with making this thing.  After looking at both CruiseControl and Hudson, I went with Hudson – mainly because it’s very simple to set up and start using straight away.  So without further fuss, let’s download Hudson from here.  I created a build folder ~/AutomatedBuilds (there’s nothing […]

Indie Poll Position

Doug Davies

This week my iDevBlogADay entry is going to be written by you, via answering some polls.  The success of this article will be dependent on the number of responses we get. The more independent developers that answer the polls, the more interesting and helpful this will be. Next week I’ll publish the results and write […]

Game Length vs. Price

Markus Nigrin

Great initiative today among Indie blogs debating the importance of game length. This is also my today’s entry for It exists Can we agree that at a minimum, the length of a game IS one of many factors for judging whether the value proposition of a game is justifying buying it? And in some […]

Xcode Folder References

Matt Rix

I decided to write about something a bit more technical for this week’s iDevBlogADay post: Xcode Folder References. They’re really quite simple, but I keep seeing projects that don’t use them when they should. What are folder references? There are two types of folders in Xcode: groups and folder references. You can use groups to organize […]

Adventures in Retina Display Land

Alexander Okafor

I spent this past weekend getting retina display graphics implemented in Tilt to Live for iPhone 4. The cynic in me hates the marketing term ‘retina graphics’ because on the production side, it’s simply just a bigger image. But I guess you do need a name for it, and since ‘HD’ has already been bastardized […]