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Why isn’t your app selling? Because it sucks!

Pablo Ruiz

Recently, I posted an entry that explained some reasons for people not buying your app. A lot of people told me that I had forgotten to mention the #1 reason for people not buying someone’s app: “It just sucks!”. Even though that is a valid argument, as you already know, there are lots of bad […]

Tips to get your iOS game published

Pablo Ruiz

Last year, when we began working on our own games, we approached a lot publishers (and got approached by a few others). While all of them are different and look for different types of game, most of them have the same requirements in terms of the deals they offer or what they’ll give in return. … Continue reading →

Cocos2d tutorial: Creating a reusable pause layer

Pablo Ruiz

This is the first post we are doing for being posted in I really hope you find it useful! One thing that most, if not all, games have is a pause screen. In all this time developing games with Cocos2d I have seen people asking around the fourms how to do a proper pause (Read More…)