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A Precipitous Drop

Mark Granoff

I am at a loss to explain it, but I suppose it was inevitable. I have been observing a very long and slowly declining revenue tail for my best app for some time. My most popular app, OuttaMyWay! – Personal Lights & Siren, has seen a remarkable drop in sales of late. Even a price … Continue reading →

Lockbox v3

Mark Granoff

Lockbox v3 is now available, sporting a vastly more robust yet less complex API for storing data into and retrieving data from the iOS keychain. The basic premise of Lockbox has not changed: make it easy to store data securely in the iOS keychain, and make it easy to retrieve. What has changed are the … Continue reading →

Announcing FilterFresh v1.3

Mark Granoff

An update is available (as of yesterday) for FilterFresh, our filter maintenance and reminder app for iOS.This update has the usual minor bug fixes and improvements, of course. In addition, we’ve added the ability to more easily mark a filter as replaced or cleaned directly from the main filter list. Just swipe left on any … Continue reading →

OuttaMyWay v3 Available Today!

Mark Granoff

Nearly two years in the making, OuttaMyWay v3 is finally available today! It’s a complete re-write, but the app retains all the familiar features users have come to love, plus a bunch of new things. Supporting iOS8 and above, OuttaMyWay is now native on all iOS devices. That’s right: even iPad! We’ve worked hard to … Continue reading →

Call for testers: OuttaMyWay! v3

Mark Granoff

Nearly 2 years in the making, OuttaMyWay! v3 is ready for public testing! This update supports iOS8 and above on both iPhones and iPads, and has a number of other enhancements and new features. Rewritten from the ground up, the app retains its familiar feel. The app is now universal, supporting all iPhone and iPad … Continue reading →

NSTimer and Blocks (Closures)

Tod Cunningham

IntroductionI’m always a bit surprised to discover that NSTimer doesn’t have support, out of the box, for blocks or closures.  So I decided to put together this simple extension to NSTimer that supports swift closures.The NSTimer Classic WayNSTimer has been around for a long time.  It uses the objective-c runtime to invoke some code after a period of time. The invocation can be done by either an objective-c NSInvocation object or via selectors.  Let’s look at a simple example of invoking a selector in swift using a NSTimer.class SimpleTimerTest{    var timer : NSTimer?        func someTask( timeout:NSTimeInterval )  […]

What Am I Going to Be When I Grow Up?

Justine Pratt

Now that I’m in my late 40′s, I should probably already be doing what I’m passionate about. However, easier said than done! Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a commercial/graphic artist. I’ve done fine art, but I’m also practical—fine art is like singing or drama—you’re not always guaranteed a job. But graphic design is a practical application, and I LOVE to come up with the idea and then really make it work. Perhaps that’s the analytical/puzzle-solving side of me? When I’ve done fine art, finding a topic to paint or draw was always harder. I […]

Swift Optionals Questions (?) and Bangs (!)

Tod Cunningham

I haven’t posted in awhile, but with the Swift 2.0 release, I figured it was time to dip my toe back into the swift waters.  I wanted to share my notes and commentary on optionals.Optional TypesOptional types provide a way to indicate that a value may be nil as opposed to having a value of some given type.  An optional is represented in swift via a simple template enum:enum Optional<T> : NilLiteralConvertible {          case None          case Some(T)        …}    So you can declare and use an optional variable like any other enum:var temperature : Optional<Float> = […]

Indie devs who put ads in their games are fools!

Steffen Itterheim

Imagine you downloaded a racing game and launch it. This is the first thing you see: You think: “Cool, that’s a really nice car! Graphics look even better than on the App Store screenshots. Okay, of course I want to ‘Race Now!’” Worst case scenario: you are gone, happily playing that new (and arguably better) racing game. The Indie […]

5 Days of Clean Eating – enhancing the lifestyle of an indie developer and our busy family

Justine Pratt

Normally I blog exclusively about our business, offer my experiences on what worked for us, what didn’t work, or how I’ve applied my MBA studies on the marketing or promotion of mobile apps. Today’s post is a bit of a departure on that. However, there is some relevance to our apps, since our biggest seller is our cooking app, and I’ve spent the past week delving into cooking and diet and how to improve our eating habits and consequently, our health. This post will go through my hilarious (my opinion) escapades in trying to find time to cook and run […]